Sunday, December 1, 2013

How to hack facebook accounts?

As a guy who knows a bit about computers and being a computer guy in the family I often get this question. So, I checked around and seen that many people want to know the answer to this question so here it is. There are several ways you can hack facebook accounts including keystroke logging, phishing, sniffing, and of course Loomarnia.

Keystroke logging involves infecting a victim with a malicious program which records everything the victim types on their keyboard and then sending that to the hacker or saving it somewhere on the computer so the hacker can check it out later. That is pretty much it about keystroke logging. You can find lots of keyloggers on google!

Phishing is a method where you trick the victim into believing they're actually logging in on the real website but they are not. So, basically for this case you need to make a website that looks exactly like facebook and then when the victim tries to log in you take his or her credentials.

Sniffing involves getting the information sent from client to the server which could be accomplished over wireless networks. But this is very hard so don't bother with this.

And the easiest and the safest way is using Loomarnia. This is  program was recently released and it is very efficient. I myself have already used it a few times and I'm very satisfied with it so far. It hacks accounts in less then a minute and is able to do so in 99% of cases which is an amazing success rate. Feel free to try it out because it is really straightforward.

To sum up, I'd like to say that hacking facebook accounts is not so hard as everyone thinks it is. They can be hacked in less than a minute if not protected with a strong password and if the victim isn't the "computer guy in the family".